New price grid for Rbcafe apps.




Yesterday 09/08/2016, Rbcafe established a new price grid for its software. :


Visual Name Old price New price Change
Crypt Crypt 1.99 0.99 price_down
Cryptext Cryptext 1.99 0.99 price_down
Cryptix Cryptix 1.99 1.99 equal
ECM ECM 0.99 0.99 equal
Hash Hash 1.99 0.99 price_down
host3r host3r Free Free price_down
Inventaire Inventaire 1.99 1.99 equal
Outguess Outguess Free Free equal
ReviewSherlock Review Sherlock Shareware (9.99) Shareware (9.99) equal
Time Up Time Up 1.99 0.99 price_down
Tracking Tracking 1.99 0.99 price_down
Voice Voice 0.99 0.99 equal
Wedding Planner Wedding Planner 1.99 1.99 equal
Worktime Worktime 1.99 0.99 price_down
Yang Yang 9.99 9.99 equal
Zen Zen 0.99 0.99 equal


Volume Purchase Program for Education :




The Volume Purchase Program allows educational institutions to purchase Rbcafe apps in volume and distribute them to students, teachers, administrators, and other employees. You could benefit special pricing for purchases of 20 apps or more. There is a 50% discount for educational institutions that purchase 20 or more copies of Rbcafe Mac app.



Rbcafe provides software, shareware and freeware for Mac OS X since 2004. Since 2010, Rbcafe distributes software on the Mac App Store.

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