Inventaire, votre logiciel pour inventorier, classer et lister vos objets. Avec Inventaire, vous listez vos achats, objets et meubles. Vous pouvez également personnaliser vos emplacements, assurances et objets.

Assignez des fichiers, documents à vos objets. Imprimez la liste complète de vos objets.

Inventaire version 1.0.1

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Version 1.0.1



– Correction of the localizations.
– New icon.
– New menu.
– New interface for the insurances.
– New interface for the places.
– New interface for the preferences.
– New toolbar.
– New background for insurances.


– Icons for the places, objects and files.
– Right Click for the places, objects and insurances.
– New listing for the insurances.

Inside Inventaire

– New preferences panel.
– New file type. (inve)
– New way to save listings.
– New section menu.
– New help menu.
– Addition of the notifications.
– Correction of the codes.
– Correction of the listings.
– Correction of the currencies.
– Correction of each button.
– Correction of the menu.


– Block the edition of the places.
– Block the edition of the insurances.
– Display the statistics.
– Choose the default name of the objects.
– The currencies are now in the main window.

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Updated: 6 settembre 2016 — 7:33
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