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Amazon Piraté ?


Ce matin j’ai reçu ce message de la part d’Amazon.

Bonjour *,

Chez Amazon, nous prenons très au sérieux la confidentialité de vos informations personnelles. Or, nous avons trouvé en libre consultation sur Internet une liste d’adresses email et de mots de passe. Nous pensons que votre adresse email et que votre mot de passe Amazon pourraient figurer dans cette liste. Aussi, par précaution, nous avons dû désactiver votre mot de passe Amazon aux fins d’éviter une quelconque intrusion sur votre Compte Amazon sans votre consentement

Pour avoir de nouveau accès à votre compte Amazon :

1. Cliquez sur le bouton intitulé "Votre Compte", en haut à droite de toutes nos pages ou visitez l'adresse
2. Cliquez sur le lien "Vous avez oublié votre mot de passe ?" sous "Paramètres du compte".
3. Suivez les instructions pour créer un nouveau mot de passe pour votre compte.

Merci de choisir un nouveau mot de passe et de ne pas utiliser le même mot de passe que vous utilisiez précédemment. Nous vous recommandons également d’utiliser un mot de passe que vous n’utilisez pas sur d’autres sites.
Nous vous remercions pour votre compréhension et vous prions de bien vouloir nous excuser pour ce désagrément.
A bientôt sur


Veuillez noter que ce message vous a été envoyé d'une adresse ne pouvant recevoir d'e-mails. Pour toute autre question, merci de bien vouloir consulter les pages d'aide de notre site.


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Roundcube fuzzing


I generated for your usage a fuzzing list for the Roundcube 1.2.3 webmail.


Download the list

Roundcube 1.2.3 Fuzzing list

Roundcube webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an email client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking. More information…

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UED Extension for Safari

UED Extension for Safari

Screenshot of UED :

UED Screenshot 1

Screenshot of UED inside the Safari window

UED Screenshot 2

Information about UED Extension for Safari :

Encode and decode an URL from Internet.

Examples of usage :

Default :

Decode :

Encode :

Download UED :


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Mokes Backdoor Malware

Sad Finder

A Kaspersky researcher discovered a variant of the backdoor Mokes on OS X. It allows to spy or to execute remote code.

Stefan Ortloff, researcher at Kaspersky Lab has published several technical papers on Seculist and especially on this OS X version of the backdoor. Mokes for OS X has the same characteristics as the variants for Windows and Linux. It is responsible, for example, record sounds and make screenshots every 30 seconds in the PC of the victim. The backdoor is capable of detecting the presence of a removable storage medium such as a USB key, but also to monitor the presence of specific files, such as .docx, .doc, .xls and .xlsx. Attackers can use the backdoor to execute arbitrary commands on the system, monitor and refine them through filters issued by the command and control server. By examining the sample of the backdoor, Stefan Ortloff discovered that once executed, it is copied in various places :


Specification of Mokes :


Name :


Hash :


Inside the system :

$HOME/Library/App Store/storeuserd


IP :
IP :

Dev :

OS X version of Mokes.A. is written in C++ using Qt, a cross-platform application framework, and is statically linked to OpenSSL.


More information :


Once installed, it establishes a connection with the command-and-control C & C server via HTTP on TCP port 80, it communicates through TCP port 443 using AES-256. This version appeared recently with the Linux variant. Last July, the team Bitdefender alerted the community about the existence of a malware called : “Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor“.


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Apple Events (070916)

Apple Events September 7th


What a great event !!!




In this Apple Events :


  • Pokemon Go on the Apple Watch

  • Mario on The App Store


  • iWork Real Time Collaboration

  • iPhone7 & iPhone7 Plus
  • iphone7



  • No more phono but lightning
  • Lightning adapter to phono

  • Air Pods : Price 169$


  • Apple Watch Series 2


  • Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Edition

  • Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes

    This Morning :


  • iOs10 : 09/13/2016
  • ios10


  • macOS Sierra : 09/20/2106
  • macos_sierra


  • tvOS : Coming soon
  • tvos


  • watchOS3 : This fall
  • watchos3


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App Store Improvements

From Apple (News 09012016a)


App Store

App Store Improvements

September 1, 2016

We love helping customers discover innovative, useful, and exciting apps on the App Store. With more than 2 million apps available and around 100,000 new and updated apps submitted each week, there’s something for everyone. To make it easier for customers to find great apps that fit their needs, we’re implementing two suggestions from the developer community starting September 7, 2016.

Quality Apps

Quality is extremely important to us. We know that many of you work hard to build innovative apps and update your apps on the App Store with new content and features. However, there are also apps on the App Store that no longer function as intended or follow current review guidelines, and others which have not been supported with compatibility updates for a long time. We are implementing an ongoing process of evaluating apps for these issues, notifying their developers, and removing problematic and abandoned apps from the App Store.

Shorter App Names

Search is one of the most frequently used methods for customers to discover and download apps from the App Store. In hopes of influencing search results, some developers have used extremely long app names which include descriptions and terms not directly related to their app. These long names are not fully displayed on the App Store and provide no user value. App names you submit in iTunes Connect for new apps and updates will now be limited to no longer than 50 characters. You can learn more about creating effective app names, as well as icons, keywords, screenshots, and descriptions, by reading the App Store Product Page.

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